Tampa Bay's Quintessential Classic Rock Band

Borderline is based out of Hernando County Florida. 15 Years+ performing events in and around  the Tampa Bay area! Borderline's play list covers the "Classic Rock" genre; Arena Rock (AOR) from the 70's, 80's & More! Borderline also touches on some modern country and dance hits.

Borderline is a Six-piece band:

Rick Downing - Lead Vocal

'TY' Lainhart - Lead Guitar

Richie Silva - Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals

George Gurganus - Bass Guitar/Vocals

Chris Childress - Drums/Vocals

Steve Buhler - Piano/Keys

Rick Downing

Lead Vocals

Rick is one of the founding members of Borderline, originally the lead vocalist and bass player. He is originally from Illinois and grew up in Iowa. Influence include many different kinds of music from country to rock and roll. He has been involved with several bands that have worked with bands like Foghat and Head East to name a few. He has 40 Years of experience and has also worked with country acts such as Merle Haggard and Lori Morgan.

'TY' Lainhart

Lead Guitar/Cheese Shredder

Ty Lainhart. "Music runs through my veins" as TY will tell you. At the young age of 7, TY watched and learned from his dad how to master the guitar. As TY progressed his skill on guitar, he was heavily influenced by the bands "KISS" and "Van Halen". TY has been on the music scene since the 1980's and building guitars during that time. TY is currently a Guitar Repair Technician at 'Replay Guitar Exchange' in Tampa.

TY has been a member of Borderline since 2017 and is a solid member and the driving core behind the band.

George Gurganus

Bass Guitar/Vocals

George hails from 'Motown' in Detroit, Michigan. George is a well-known musician around the Tampa Bay area and has been in many great bands throughout his career. In addition to his musical career, George has over twenty-years experience in the performance audio and lighting field.

George was heavily inspired by the playing styles of John Entwistle (The Who) and Victor Wooten. This combination of styles gave him his own unique style and presence. Culminated from 35 years of professional playing, George has mastered just about every style of music there is. Thundering bass sounds and monster chops, George is the consummate bass player.

George has been with Borderline for 5+ years and continues to lay down that bottom end needed for Borderline's driving style.

Richie Silva


Richie came to FL in 1980 from Virginia Beach; during his senior year in high school he started playing acoustic solo gigs at local venues and has been playing ever since. Past bands include Medusa, Ivory Tyger, and Martha Quinn. 

Has also worked as music director working with Gibbs High School kids; St Pete Little Theater and Bravo Center of Performing Arts. ( Schoolhouse Rock; Midsummer Night's Dream etc)


Influences: Yes, Rush, ELO, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd as well as various classical; jazz & New Age artists. 

Chris "The Punisher" Childress


Chris hails from Falls Chuch, Virginia but has lived in the Tampa Bay area since 1970. He started his musical journey in junior high school in the beginning band class. Once in high school, he was privileged to be in the marching band modeled after the DCi drum corp style. This introduced him to various styles of music and built up his 'chops' to the agressive demand of corp playing.

Building on this experience, he was mainly influenced by three drummers: Ringo Starr, John Bonham, and Neil Peart. Utilizing the strengths of these players, Chris modeled his own unique style of playing. Progressive rock was a mainstay of his playlist. Incorporating his style of drumming into various bands around the Tampa Bay area, he settled in with Borderline in 2016.

Steve Buhler


The ultimate man of mystery.

Where will he be next?

Curt Gurganus

Lighting & Stage Technician

Curt is instrumental, no pun intended, for getting our stage lighting set-up and running. He is also integral in the sound system arrangement and overall stage management.

Curt is truly the "7th" member of the band.